Plantation I

By choosing the unique location and varietal spread, 80 hectares were designed to fulfill the possibility to harvest early varieties, the earliest & the latest, new varieties the latest in a time frame to avoid storage and maintain supply of best quality fresh fruit throughout the season.

Pack House I
  • BRC certified
  • Unique refrigeration system designed for the berry fruit storage
  • 2000 m of refrigerated space
  • CA chambers for 450 pallets
  • Sorting and packing machinery
  • Extreme temperature regime with blast chillers and air curtains
  • Installation of the second line with the most advanced sorter up to date – spring 2020
  • 20 hectares
  • Duke, Spartan, Bluecrop, Brigitta, Sierra, Bluegold, Chandler, Liberty, Aurora
  • Antifrost water system

1000 m2 of storage space in the central point of Poland at the intersection of two main highways. Completed in 2019.

AccoMmodation for The Staff

New building designed according to the “like home” concept completed in Spring 2019.